System Integration 

Most analysers are made to work in the harshest of environment: a well-controlled environment would ensure their lifespan being prolonged and made servicing them a much pleasant job. These can be ranged from a simple stanchion to a fully equipped analyser house, depending on the analysers’ requirements and site suitability. 

Nasty process conditions are the main problems to good analysis results offered by the analysers. We develop specified sample conditioning systems to target these issues: fast loop flows, pressure regulations, temperature reductions, multiple-stages filtration, sample recoveries are just some common areas to be absolved before online analysis can be employed.

We in UCA / SAA are capable to integrate these value added services and propose a comprehensive analyser package – a TOTAL solution. Starting from site surveying, design and engineering to the end stage commissioning and training, we took an extra mile to ensure that all these are tailored made for the customers.  We speak to our customer to understand what they want to achieve, study them tactfully and propose solutions to resolve their analytical issues.

A Brief Outline on our System Integration:

Whatever the size of the order, our principles of handling it remain the same. The order is allocated to a Project Engineer who is responsible for it until the customer has taken delivery, the equipment is commissioned and operational and is fully satisfied. The size of the Project Team will depend on the needs of the job, but certainly include specialist engineers / designers. All design work is performed using software such as AUTOCAD, dewpoint calculator, etc.

In engineering a system, every aspect is catered for, including not limiting to, when applicable:

1. Analyser Selection and Specification

2. Sample Conditioning System Design

3. Analyser Shelter Design

4. Air Conditioning Requirement

5. Electrical Power Requirement

6. Structural Calculations

7. Safety Designs

For detailed design, a comprehensive set of drawings will be produced, for customer review and approval before material requisitions are raised. A BOM detailing the maker, part numbers, materials, etc. will be created to ensure the right specifications are met and nothing is missed. Assembly of the systems are done accordingly to the construction drawings.

Following on, with the system fully assembly, we conduct our own test programs to make sure that the system integrity is upheld to standards before calling on the customers to witness the testing. Issues or problems faced during the customer visit will be rectified before the systems are despatched to site.We also offered our assistance for on-site supervision on installation, site acceptance testing, commissioning and training as part of a full analytical package to our valuable customers.